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Default Re: Baki sentai redub

Originally Posted by PacoSlimee View Post
Sentai released a clip of the redub
Here's the cast list too.

Not into Sentai's Baki. What made Shimazaki and Troy so good in the role is that they were extremely confident yet fairly underplayed. In that scene in particular it really establishes how Baki is on a completely different level from those mooks. Yet I personally think Blake Jackson is overacting in that clip and completely defeats the purpose of that scene. I will admit that Blake sounds younger than Troy but I personally don't give that a huge advantage. (Especially when they cast Jay Hickman as someone who is the same age.... that's a choice...)

It's such a weird business strategy. No one is forcing Sentai to take this show and redub it. And this one is especially weird since Baki is now co-produced by Netflix so I'm sure the next season will have the Netflix cast. I'm not a huge fan of their work but there are other shows they have in their catalogue they could focus on. What on earth is their endgame with this and Hero Mask?

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