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Default Re: NYAV Gundam Seed Full Cast List

Originally Posted by PacoSlimee View Post
Yuki: Raymond K. essel
On the one hand, more Dave B. Mitchell in anime. Love that guy. On the other hand, it's SEED.

Originally Posted by PacoSlimee View Post
Mu La Flaga: Tom Wayland
Romero Pal: Chris Niosi
Hadat: Orion Acaba
Very fitting that a redub nobody asked for is filled with alleged (for le legal reasons) sex pests. I guess that's what happens when the dub is on the shelf for so long.

Thanks for typing the credits up.

Thinck abot this one...!! Martin Charles voices this games Mario, yet he is also the Dragon in SKryim. With this secret knowlege we can KNOW its EASY to nitnendo add the Dragons to mario bros! They Basicalay dont have to pay money to Martin Charles to save money on other fighters, seeing since they already got him for mario! Its a Easy win for nitnendo!
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