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Default Re: Spider-Man Dream Cast

Originally Posted by Mr.M!c View Post
And for my next trick...What if, instead of Spider-Man: Unlimited, we DID get a Spider-Man 2099 cartoon as was originally intended? Here, I hypothesize who from the cast that made up Unlimited would voice in 2099 (with a few additions). Season two would be the ‘Marvel Team-Up’ season guesting other 2099 heroes.

Spider-Man/Miguel O’Hara—Rino Romano
Lyla, Miguel’s AI—Jennifer Hale
Xina Kwan—Akiko Morison
Dana D’Angelo—Kathleen Barr
Gabriel O’Hara/Goblin 2099–Brian Drummond

Tyler Stone—Ron Halder
Venture—Christopher Gaze
Siege 2099–Jim Byrnes
Vulture 2099–David Sobolov
Venom 2099–Scott McNeil
Mutagen—Blu Mankuma
Flipside—Andrew Francis
Brimstone Love—Richard Newman

Hulk 2099–Mark Gibbon
Doom 2099–Paul Dobson
Thor 2099–Michael Donovan
Punisher 2099–John Payne II
Strange 2099–Kim Hawthorne
Ghost Rider 2099–Sam Vincent
Ravage 2099–Garry Chalk
X-Men 2099–Paul Dobson as Desert Ghost, Kathleen Barr as Cerebra, Andrew Francis as Skullfire, Sam Vincent as Meanstreak, Jennifer Hale as Serpentina, Kimberly Hawthorne as Krystalin, Scott McNeil as Metalhead, and Brian Drummond as Bloodhawk
Rino would be perfect as Spidey 2099. Great cast overall.
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