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Default Little bit about me

Since i am junior member and having trouble with that goddarn add your details box, and yet having making comments around the site for some time, i,ve took it upon myself to write little bit about myself.

First of, all i am Finnish. From Far-Off Land Finland of the Europe.

As already sometimes mentioned, i am lone wolf, been as long as i can remember, even when i didnt wanted to. I am bit misanthropic, hearing usually nothing but bad of my kind all around, being bullied and mentally harassed from school to adulthood, sometimes i am shamed to belong to my kind.
All of my life, i have been having only few true significant relationships, and even moreso recently, even most of those few cases whom have considered as friends, have betrayed me or become completely different from the past: having witnessed so many dissapointments and very little loyal ones, i have proclaimed to give up and stand alone. It feels horrible sometimes to be completely alone, but in the end, it,s much better to stay alone than in bad company.

I can be bit eccentric: i was diagnosed with Asperger,s syndrome since i was just a brat, and sometimes i can misread people, or they misread me. My jokes dont always get to people: i guess i have bit Japanese sense of humor.

I am rather straightforward, and dont usually pretty anything in my speech, and some might find me rude when saying my opinion out loud. But i dont intent to insult anyone, i just prefer to say my point of view as it is: honesty, after all, is rare diamond these days.

I am rather cynical, easily dissapointed and frustrated, and sarcasim and irreverence is not far off from me. I am often dissapointed on myself, and many things around me, feeling that i havent accomplished anything in my life, or that many things could,ve been done better. Especially recently, i have grown depressed and melancholic, as well grumpy and angry.

If this message is answered, i might tell little bit more, but for safety reasons, i wont open truly just to anyone.
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