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Default Re: Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

Originally Posted by littlepaul1002 View Post
JB Blanc - The God of the Old Books Market
... the character looks like this. In-movie, everybody thinks he's just some bratty little kid. There are some parts in this movie I think JB could play very well, but just because he was cast as one character played originally by Hiroyuki Yoshino does not make him work as all of them

As long as I've got a bee in my bonnet, I'll give it a try

Otome -- Xanthe Huynh
Senpai -- Marc Swint
The School Festival Executive Head -- Jason Griffith
Don Underwear -- Braeden Fox
Higuchi -- James Urbaniak
Hanuki -- Brina Palencia
Todo -- Jesse Corti
Rihaku -- Jon Avner
God of Old Books -- Bob Bergen
Johnny -- Mike Sinterniklaas
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