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Originally Posted by Music Meister View Post
Well that's the end of Ultimate Spider-Man, the finale did try to tie all loose ends and wrap things up. It didn't feel as great as it should have, probably due to the Sinister Six really not doing anything great until this episode and even then were just sorta there.
It had good moments that could have been better which is also kinda the summary of Ultimate Spider-Man in general.
I'd say Ill miss it but I have a feeling the new Spider-Man series will basically be this.
Pretty much. Like, as far as USM standards I'd give it an A-. But overall, a B- kind of finale. As usual, it was the kind of finale that should've been a 3-parter. I mean, I appreciate them trying to tie up loose ends and trying to give all the different sub-groups of Spidey's friends their time to shine and trying to end the season/series with the Sinister Six and trying to also include the Avengers in there... there was an awful lot of trying, but it just didn't pan out.

Oh, well. The show did its job and now it's onto the next Spidey series. Interested in seeing how that one turns out.
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