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Default Re: Live-Action Actors who should reprise their characters voice wise

Originally Posted by SupremeTarantulas View Post
Maybe an Elm Stret animated DTV where Robert Emglund can play Freddy again without the age issue?

And responding to a few more.

All Hulk MCU actors need to get a Hulk 2 DTV to address the Leader arc they scrapped.

Seriously we get DTV's related to the MCU((abs a Hulk one at that) but not addressing this.

Darn decision makers

And all the cast of Smallville for an animated Season 11( or the ones that have characters in it)

And a proper Gotham finale or continuation similar to Season 11, with the cast back, since their translation to voice felt phoned in. Well, for Ben, Donal. and Robin at least.
Doesn't Universal still own the rights to do solo Hulk films? That's why there never was an Incredible Hulk 2.
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