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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 10th November

Critical Role Episode 75 - Where The Cards Fall


Radio play by Sam

Brian Wayne Foster

"It's been a Chris Hard-week" quote from Brian

"Motherf*cker" quote from Matt

Sam receives a Dakimakura cover of Scanlan

Zenith forge

"Don't talk to your master in public" quote from Cenokir

Cenokir the tour guide

"So strange in a wonderful way" quote from Pike

Outside the Zenith Forge

Wascar (spelling?) is really huge

"Some call them card games" quote from Keyleth

Wascar wants a trade

Successful trade

Jurael (spelling?)

"Are you mocking me?" quote from Cenokir

Embassy for the nine hells

"I find it hilarious, ha ha" quote from Cenokir

"Green apple splatters" quote from Grog

"You'll be the gerbil" quote from Matt

Play cards

Gambit of Ord

Now slaves

"You are a deity" quote from Travis

Goriks, a pit fiend

City of Brass shuts down, curfew

"F*ck you" quote from Matt, quietly

Pit fiend meditating

Plan to bait the Pit fiend


Sultan of the Ifrit


Learning with Pike starring Grog

The Archers

The sextuplets

"Poor Nightcrawler" quote from Scanlan

"I am slave master Francois Australia" quote from Scanlan

"Francois Bertrand Jean-luc Australia" quote from Scanlan

Child slaves saved?

Percy and Pike shopping for slaves

Goriks the pit fiend shops for slaves

"But I did the air horn" quote from Liam

10,000G for the sextuplets

Berserk Aasimar

Pit Fiend not amused

Scanlan sings: "Hot in the city. Hot in the city. Tonight, tonight" from Hot in the city by Billy Idol

Sam the playwriter was brilliant with excellent sound effects by Ashley and Travis. It told a simple story with a great plug to Loot crate.

Cenokir continues to shine as he and Uten were tour guides for Vox Machina. After trading with Wascar, they find the location of the Plate of the Dawnmartyr with a giant named Jurael. To claim the armour, Jurael offers a game of cards which Scanlan participates. Scanlan loses and now Vox Machina are slaves to Jurael. To win their freedom from Juarel, she assigns them with a mission in killing a Pit Fiend.

They plan on attacking the Pit Fiend by disguising themselves as sextuplet slaves, with Scanlan as the slave master. In an act of kindness, Scanlan and Vex purchase some children with the intention of freeing them. The Pit Fiend finally makes its appearance and makes an interest in the sextuplets. Pit Fiend proves to be a tough customer with the main goal of entrapping the creature in Scanlan's mansion. With the showdown with Pit Fiend almost guaranteed, it calls for backup. An excellent way to end the episode and hype for the next.

My favourite moment is Grog trying to learn the common alphabet with Pike as teacher. I hope there will be a segment on Sesame Street with puppet versions of Pike and Grog.
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