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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 20th October

Critical Role Episode 72 - The Elephant in the Room


Grog running around looking for things in rage mode

"Tooma! Tooma! quote from Scanlan

Harvest time on Vorugal with the Ravenites

A tomb fitting for Tiberius Stormwind

"I encourage peace" quote from Scanlan

Found some serious loot

"Feels like money money money" quote from Grog

"With brexit its not worth as much" quote from Scanlan

"We might need her to restart civilisation" quote from Scanlan

Pike's (head hair) fun buns

What's inside the bag of holding

Random arm found

Google map pin

New potions

Kima gets Holy Avenger sword

Does Scanlan have an aerator wine cellar?

Far-sighted earth elemental

Wine chicken

Vax private talks to Vex

Keyleth turns into an Elephant

"Grog remember they never forget" quote from Scanlan, referencing about Elephants

Scanlan bills Vax, Vex and Keyleth

"She's a nasty woman" quote from Liam in the voice of Gollum

Flow breaker ship

Keyleth helps regrow the land

Vax and Scanlan have a pee constant

Percy kisses Vex

"So we'll talk later" quote from Percy

Scanlan sings: "Something in the way I wink. Inspires you like no other Gnome can. Something makes you stop and think. How did he get so handsome? How did he get so suave? inspired from Something by The Beatles

After the tension from the previous episodes, its a good to have a wind down episode. The beginning portion had audio problems to the point that twitch messed up something Tooma said which may have been important. A big hats off to Scanlan in remembering Tiberius by requesting the ravenites (non-tailed Dragonborn) to build a tomb for Stormwind. The "I encourage peace" quote was beautiful, even though Tiberius was derogatory towards the ravenites.

Getting some major loot after Vorugal's defeat, cleaning out Grog's bag of holding, Keyleth turning into an elephant, unearthing a possible ship that's buried in the ice filled this episode. It was the ending that has dominated this episode as Percy kisses Vex. Good stuff from Percy has its he that's mainly the recipient of the kisses from Vex. Nice that Percy was the initiator. That ship looks like its going to set sail.
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