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Post Re: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
After all of that rambling, I guess what Iím trying to boil it down to is: Peter definitely did NOT shy away from using CG for the whole LOTR trilogy. He used it, and he used it A LOT. He does use practical elements, but minimally, compared to other directors. The Hobbit is using more CG than LOTR, yes, but that's like comparing an A- to an A+. Is there a difference? Yes. Much of a difference? No. Relatively speaking, for the sake of argument, let's just say that the three LOTR movies were 3/4 CG while The Hobbit(s) are like, 4/5 CG. More CG than LOTR? Yes. But not by much.

...Yes... You just eerily took the words RIGHT out of my mouth.

I understand everyone's concern with the use of CGI in the movie, but when they begin to compare it's use to the original [LOTR] trilogy's effects, that's where my attention begins to wander. The films beforehand had less CGI, yes, but in the ratio of it's use compared to the Hobbit, it's only about a ratio of 4 to 5. Aside from Gollum, there was LOTS of use of CG throughout the movies: the Ents, the background designs of Rivendale and Lothlorien, the effects of the One Ring when it is worn. When the Hobbit came out, a lot of people shunned it because it used too much of it. I can partially understand it, but the originals used it just as much, and no one's complaining there. Double standards, I guess.

Honestly, as a person who despises the concept of using CG to take over storytelling... I personally love these new Hobbit films. Are they like the Lord of the Rings movies? No. But that's where I draw the line: it's NOT supposed to BE Lord of the Rings. It's a completely different story. Yes, they take place in the same world and has some of the same characters, but nonetheless, it's NOT Lord of the Rings. It's another whole new story. And I like it. A LOT. It strengthens my love of fantasy storytelling and why I love movies, along with plenty of other movies I saw this year that holds the trait down with thermal bond epoxy (*cough* Gravity. ). The use of the movie's CGI is different to the other trilogy, but it was never to a point to where it annoyed me like everyone else. My focus wasn't focused entirely on the sets, but the characters themselves. Because the story is so set on evocation through it's characters as much as it's backgrounds, I can learn to appreciate the film on both scales.

I'd say more, but I was planning to try and think out my own review of the movie, and due to my overwhelming schedule and procrastination this past weekend, it prevented me from grasping my entire thoughts on it. But seeing this reaffirmed some of those thoughts. Thank you, Mr. Mirage.
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