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Default Re: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I had to sit through the whole film without a restroom break... after I already had one, but I sat through it until the end.

Left the theater soon and for the car, got my self dinner to go, breathing like I was being chased until now, so I may share my thoughts and now you can all enjoy our Fantasy Films review.

And to be honest-- I didn't really like it! Maybe that's not the right way to say it, I mean I don't hate it but... this movie it's... Huh?!

Well let me just start by saying, that it's not entirely joyless, not like Man of Steel I mean there's still color, and jokes, but oh boy... Where do I begin?!


Those of you aware of the original story probably get the overall plot; After the Bilbo and the dwarves reached halfway to the Misty Mountains, they carry on their mission through Mirkwood, face spiders and have some "Social" problems with the wood-elves, then they reach the lake town of Dale, and from there they come across the dragon... Simple enough... but things are more complicated than that as delved into the next bit.


Excluding Gandalf, Bilbo, and others to name a few and I quote "Few" All the non-evil cast are by some other right just as bad as "The Enemy". The elves, are pretty pompous, the men (humans) are coddling, and the dwarves are... well Dwarves!

Considering how much of a messiah Bilbo is compared to the rest (Excluding Gandalf) I'm not sure who to root for but as it stands how there all villainous by their own design (And speaking figuratively) I think I'm siding with the villains! Which ones... I don't know, again much if not most of the characters here are villainous by their own right.

Oh yeah and they add a mayor (Stephen Fry) to it... I did not enjoy him much here.

And again trying to avoid spoilers, but Azog, the orc as it turns out... is working for the necromancer (And just try and guess who he is).

Beorn... the bear guy... man is it angrily done... next!

Smaug was enjoyable thou, I long to see him and hear Benedict Cumberbatch... but the design is not really dragon like as he is more like a wyvren; a pterosaur-like beast which is like a dragon but his front limbs and wings are one-in the same.

and apparently... he knows about the darkness growing which is what the elves don't give a crap for, but whether he knows who's behind it or if he is infact on his side still eludes me...

Side Notes

Okay I get what Peter Jackson is trying to do, he's trying to tie in The Hobbit with The Lord of the Rings, as well as The Silmarillion
and possibly The Book of Lost Tales and The Unfinished Tales... except before the latter books,The Hobbit was it's own story.

Yes was their was action in it, but not a Zack Snyder/Christopher Nolan extent, there wasn't that much drama and morose depression and angst, especially with the people of dale nor was the a conflict or civil war going on, nothing about dark alliances between foes... it was for the most part a fun book, it's not a commentary like the latter book trilogy or like George Orwell's Animal Farm, it was just a fantasy tale for Children.

I can respect where PJ is with going with the lore of J.R.R. Tolkien... but he might be going a wee bit too far, and that's the problem over all...

The Desolation of Smaug, is just too dark, it feels less like the story I remember as a child and more like a prelude to the LOTR, infact if that's what he's going for, than why not make a film series based on The Book of Lost Tales or The Unfinished Tales, there the plot works better, but not in The Hobbit.


The cgi was decent for the most part, but for me some alot of the elves and orcs felt rubbery, it's not as good as it was before... Where's the make-up, where are the animatronics, the models... well maybe it's there after all but, their going a bit too far with the cgi as much as the darkening of the story as a tie-in to the other Tolkien stories.


Well, it's not the next Man of Steel for sure, I mean I still enjoyed it...but just not enough thou. That's my final thought of course, feel free to express your own opinion at the comment box below.

Rating: 5.5/10
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