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Default Re: Miss Hokusai English Dub Cast

Originally Posted by Jackson_H View Post
GKids will probably put out a press release soon since the theatrical run is quickly approaching but noticed one location has an English cast listed (no role association though); will have to wait and see to know for sure but it's probably legit


Oei - Erica Lindbeck
Hokusai - Richard Epcar
Ikeda & Utagawa - Ethan Murray & Robbie Daymond (or vice versa)
Koto - Barbara Goodson
Onao - Courtney Chu
Iwakubo - Marc Diraison
Sayogoromo - Cindy Robinson
Manjido - Mike Pollock
Kichiya - Kevin T. Collins

and maybe an NYVA Post dub (followup to A Letter to Momo & Patema Inverted). If it was Studiopolis there would've been some well known film/TV actors & actresses (The Tale of The Princess Kaguya & Only Yesterday).
>Kevin T. Collins.


also good to see more of Ezra Weisz (credited as Ethan Murray), Marc Diraison, Mike Pollock and Cindy Robinson too.

Not sure who Courtney Chu is? alias perhaps?
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