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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Been playing it for a while, got two badges, wanted to offer my snap thoughts.

>Graphics are nice
>Slight frame rate dip in wild areas but this is Nintendo, what do you expect? Everywhere else I've faced consistent 30 FPS
>Music is fine. Field music is super memorable. Battle music ranges from super good (Hop Battle theme) to OK (gym battle theme) to mediocre (Team Yell battle theme)
>So far no "extra" dungeons (like Dark Cave in Gen 2) but the dungeons are OK. Not very long or anything.
>Majority of wild Pokemon encounters take place by running into them on the overworld. Cuts down on some randomization and makes avoidability a bit easier.
>Despite the Dex cut, there is a very rich variety of Pokemon early on. A good combination of past Pokemon plus new ones really make the experience fresh.
>The new Pokemon designs are REALLY good. Like really really good. Lots of them have a lot of flair and uniqueness. So far I've been a fan of every new Pokemon design that I've seen.
>Alolan forms were great but Galarian forms are cooler and better.
>The game's not hard and I wish the EXP Share could be turned off, but I haven't had to grind, so that's a plus.
>Poke Jobs are a cool feature that I think are a great way to use the Pokemon in the box
>Accessing the PC on the go (not always) is really convenient
>Wild Area can be a challenge and it's invigorating
>Curry cooking is way more fun than it has any right to be

So far better than X/Y, at least.
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