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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
Hype has gone down considerably. I may sound like some cranky old 30 year old Boomer but transferring Pokemon is a highlight for me in the post game. I spent a lot of time catching em all and raising a ton of Pokemon and it brings me joy to have them migrate each generation. Sounds dumb but it actually may be a skip for me since I value that so highly. Hope they listen, there seems to be sizable backlash amongst fans, but who knows.
For me, the pre-E3 Direct definitely ramped my hype up a lot more, but it's cooled after E3 proper. It's a shame because I love a lot of the ideas in the game, but I'm a little more muted about if the actual game itself will be ready. There's a lot you can criticize Let's Go for, but it's a really polished game, it knows its limit, and stays within it. Looking rough around the edges isn't one of them. Here it definitely feels more like they're spreading themselves in and need more time. I can personally deal with no National Dex, but it does make me scratch my head and ask why.

It sucks that Pokemon is such an oiled conveyer belt that Game Freak/TPCI/Nintendo never delay it or add a support studio to help out. If they had Monolith Soft lend some manpower, or just give a few more months in the oven that'd work wonders. We've had three consecutive years of Pokemon already so a year off wouldn't have hurt too badly.

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