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Default Re: Oban Star-Racers

Originally Posted by Autovolt View Post
Watched this underrated gem around this time last year. Aiming for a Mid-2000's Unionized Studiopolis dub.

Oban Star-Racers (Studiopolis)

Janice Kawaye - Molly/Eva Wei
Yuri Lowenthal - Jordan Wilde
Roger Craig Smith - Prince Aikka
John DeMita - Don Wei
Steve Blum - Rick Thunderbolt
Ogie Banks - Stan
Johnny Yong Bosch - Koji
Kate Higgins - Maya Wei
Kirk Thornton - Satis
Jamieson Price - Avatar
Daran Norris - Canaletto
Bob Joles Rush
Karen Strassman - Ning
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Skun
Michael Sorich - Lord Furter
Richard Steven Horvitz - Ondai
Dave Wittenberg - Sul
Fred Tatasciore - Groor
Paul St. Peter - Colonel Toros
Neil Kaplan - General Kross
Terrance Stone - Flint
Christopher Corey Smith - Marcel
Quinton Flynn - Ceres
Stephanie Sheh Para-Dice

ADR Director - Jamie Simone
A Solid Dub Cast, though personally I would have cast Kari Wahlgren as Molly/ Eva Wei instead. Great Choice with John DeMita as Don Wei though.
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