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Default Re: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

With a British setting (did anyone SEE the Cerne Abbas giant!?), the combo of industrial and countryside settings, and the title "Sword & Shield", I am thinking there is going to be a heavy Knights/Medieval inspired theme as the backdrop. That should be cool. Gyms are back, which I guess ties in with that theme since it's more traditional, but I hope there are other ways they keep things mixed up after S/M breathing a wonderful breath of fresh air. Then again, I guess the theme with Pokemon in general is alternating between traditional and experimental gens, so I sort of had a feeling. Scorbunny is adorable, but I gotta go with the undernewt Sobble!

I don't want to count my chickens yet since we haven't seen any story scenes, but I don't think there'll be VO and that'd probably be a bullet dodged at this rate. UNLESS... this is a job for Side UK...?? (It'd never happen cause TPCI are Cheapy McCheapskates, but I can dream.)

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