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Default Re: Was there really a 1986 dub of Night on the Galactic Railroad?

Originally Posted by whyofbladez View Post
Yeah; I've encountered the guy who does these made-up cast lists before on ANN. I know because all he ever puts for the source is the title of the entry. This guy's full of it; ANN should just straight-up ban him.

He tried posting a bunch of LA actors for the Hong Kong-dubbed "Locke the Superman". Even more laughable is him claiming it was directed by Wally Burr; who we all know was a stringent perfectionist. "Akira" may have shown that he wasn't as well a fit for anime dubbing as pre-lay, but he still wouldn't have directed something that sounds like this.
I feel pretty sure I know the person behind these false entries now, I banned them from my wiki project for not sourcing their claims / cluttering pages / refusing to format properly, and I have no regrets now.

They go by the username timmypizza on wikia; the reason I know it's them is that this person also put a bunch of Los Angeles-based voice actors (such as Steve Bulen and Edie Mirman) for the JAL dub of "Porco Rosso" (which was dubbed in Tokyo) on the Lost Media Wiki. I think this person is either a child or has some problems judging by the way they communicate.
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