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Opinion on your Funimation cast:
Toyohisa-Great! I could picture him doing a somewhat deeper version of his usual voice. Maybe somewhat closer to his Lucci?
Nobunaga-I'm fine with this! Probably use his Piccolo type voice
Nasu-Ryan has been very underused with main character roles. I approve!
Hannibal-Bruce has showed he's great with these roles
Scipio-Kent should be fine for this
Butch-Yes, probably go with portraying him similar to his character from Danganronpa 3
Sundance-Not who I expected but I would probably get used to it after a couple episodes
Nasohi-More Justin Cook is something I approve of!
Abe-I approve
Kafeto-It could work if he goes with a bit more of a calmer voice than he usually has
Olmine-I always love hearing Alexis in serious roles
Black King-Very underused actor, I approve. Probably go with something like when his Death Parade character shows his dark side
Joan-YES! Just basically use her Bishamon
Gilles-Interesting choice. But I do approve. Instead of his normal voice though he should use the one he had in Assassination Classroom
Anastasia-I approve this just because of the name, lol. She should go with a somewhat softer version of her usual voice
Rasputin-This is the epitome of a J Michael role
Minamoto-Yes, he should go with his Midnight type voice
Shara-Austin seems like a match
Easy-Yes, Whitney is very underused
Murasaki-Yeah, just go with like a Shou Tucker voice.
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