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Post Re: Daemon X Machina

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
I played it too. The only thing I hope they improve is I think the game needs to feel better. Framerate only being 30 is a shame and it definitely slows down a lot too. It's also really hard to aim/target properly and the bosses don't seem to have any HP bars. Also I hope there are better chances to switch between mech to on-ground in the final game cause all the missions in the demo felt best in mech.

But the actual core game is fun! Getting into the rhythm is super addictive. Really good they're doing a survey to take feedback, they've got plenty of time and honestly I hope they take as much time they need, cause if they rush it out it clearly won't live up to its full potential. I'm about to take another shot at the final boss so hopefully I get a chance to fill it in.

Hopefully yeah, the full game will have more options and you'll have more to do, but even the demo itself is pretty meaty. I think it'll be even better in multiplayer so you can team up with friends and tag team all your orders. That's gonna be where the REAL fun is.

I played in Japanese but yeah, kinda groaning at COT again. I genuinely hate to say it but I'm kinda sick of them doing everything. Ah well.

Oh yeah, the soundtrack kicks A$$.
Can't argue with any of this. I would've liked if they got someone like Kris Zimmerman doing the dub (in regards to LA). Her direction and casts are more fresh and distinct IMO. I would have preferred if they used Toronto's cast like in Starlink myself.
Yes, I love Cho Chang. Deal with it!

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