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Default Kameha Con 2020

Kameha Con has published its first VA lineup for this year. Not sure if this is all there'll be (given what happened last year), or if there are more coming, but since the page is currently filled up, thought I'd report on who you'll be likely to see on the first weekend of May.

Peter Kelamis
Brian Drummond

Meredith McCoy
Chuck Huber
Ray Hurd
Elizabeth Maxwell
Eric Vale
John Burgmeier
Linda Young
Cynthia Cranz
Jason Liebrecht
Kent Williams
Tiffany Vollmer
Anthony Bowling
Stephanie Nadolny
Todd Haberkorn
Elise Baughman
Bryan Massey

Also, I have to bring this up - if you click on the photos, instead of going to a biography graphic like before, it actually directs you to the relevant page on THIS SITE!!! I honestly don't know if I should be freaked out by this or not.

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