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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

Oh right, I should probably repost this here...

I had a dream a few months back where almost everyone was taken off the Goku voice comparison and the only ones left were Jeremiah Yurk and Steve Blum, and I had to choose between the two for some reason...

I don't remember who I ended up choosing, but I do know it was tough deciding which one of them was actually better.

I also had another dream a while back where I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (which I haven't seen yet but my brother kept telling me various parts about it and how great it was for a while) and in the episode I watched in my dream there was a house that glowed with a purple aura and spoke to the main heroes, and then I went to this site and saw there was a voice compare where...I think either Alison Sealy Smith or Cree Summers voiced the house in the first episode, and then in every episode afterwards it was Peg Dixon (who I'm not even sure if she's even alive, let alone acting anymore.)

My dreams are pretty out there, needless to say. I've had plenty of even stranger dreams than this, but I can't really go into much detail about them without getting really off topic.
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