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Default Re: "Avengers: Endgame" (2019)

Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Do you still remember the more innocent time when the first Avengers movie succeeding felt like a miracle? I mean, it only had to balance meager six superheroes and tie together five movies worth of stories

Seriously though, I won't go in-depth and will stay as vague as possible. I was personally lucky enough to only have one thing spoiled for me and I was able to convince myself that it was just a troll being a troll, so it didn't affect my experience in any way whatsoever. I'm not really a spoiler-nazi, but there is something about not knowing about those big moneyshots and dramatic turn of events before seeing them.

If you are a fan of these movies, this is exactly what you could want from the big finale and more. I'm still interested to see what the future holds, but at the same time I feel so satisfied that if they revealed tomorrow that Spider-Man: Far from Home trailers and the announced upcoming movies were all just April's Fools jokes and the saga of MCU was over, I would have nothing to complain about.

And I saw this movie with the most perfect audience possible. The whole theater was filled with geeks like me, I could sense the excitement while waiting for the movie to start, all the inside jokes made everyone laugh, one epic moment got huge *applauses (hint: "I knew it!") and I heard people sobbing during the sad moments.

I don't know if Marvel can ever top this, even with all the big guns they are getting with Fantastic Four and X-Men, but maybe they don't need to. This is one of those "once in the lifetime" - type of experiences that you will cherish later.

* That was a huge deal, since in Finnish movie theater culture you are supposed to enjoy the movie silently, unless laughing at its jokes, rather than constantly make noice and cheer. While I generally think that it should be that way (no offence, but I don't understand how you Americans can deal with people turning every movie screening into a huge frenzy), but I was so caught up in the moment that I couldn't help, but join them
Originally Posted by PsychicVoiceSpy View Post
Oh my gosh, let me just say that you guys are doing things right over there as far as your theater culture goes. I understand cheering at really big moments and laughing at jokes, but if I had to sit through a movie with people just screaming their heads off at every "hype" moment it would ruin it for me.

If you want to lose your mind while watching movie, do it at home by yourself or with friends. Don't raise hell and distract people from the story they're trying to follow.
I usually like the front row to avoid the rest of the patrons. This is to avoid stuff ranging from constant talking in trailers with unnecessary comments, to kids screwing around, to people in their cellphone.

In horror movies I had the latter two happen. Kids laughing in a scary scene despite that they weren't supposed to be there due to them being underage and this was 1:00 on a school day.

And the cellphone guy...

Broadcasted a conversation irrelevant to the horror movie and I had to sit there and listen to it to avoid missing anything to report him, and heard someone whisper "Shut up" to him once

But rant over, seeing Endgame in about an hour so will post proper thoughts later

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