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Post Re: Disney to Acquire 21st Century Fox

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2018: X-Men made part of MCU. Disney makes so much money they outstrip the economy of entire rest of the world.

2020: Bob Iger elected president of the USA.

2021: Iger declares himself supreme leader, country name changed to United States of Disney.

2025: USD has conquered most of the planet. Remaining nations destroyed with nuclear weapons.

2026: Moon captured. Turned into production studio.

2030: Disney uses its endless supply of money to build the first faster than light ship.

2031: Aliens encountered. Their economy is soon overtaken by the mouse. Entire planets are subjected and forced to produce yearly releases of the most realistic Star Wars films ever.

2040: Bob Iger transcends to a higher plain of existence.

3000: Bob Iger returns to conquer the universe as its new God. Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy still not released on home video.
At the moment this is very likely. In the future the mouse shall be supreme.
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