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Originally Posted by Neo Shadow King View Post
Yup, I did confuse the two. I'll fix it now. Thank you very much.
You're welcome. The hilarious thing was, when I looked up both the subbed and dubbed versions to make sure, it turned out that in the International dub - for their introduction at least - Lance became Rapier, and Sword became Lance (they fixed all of this for the second season). I've seen it as stated to happen in the UPN dub (which, given its short-lived run, is reasonable), but it turns out that dub actually corrected those statements, and introduced the characters properly (although the tie-in narration for the following episode still refers to "Axe, Lance, and Rapier"). That whole thing is a bit screwy, even allowing the major differences between the two. It is somewhat funny, though, that it was the more censored of the two dubs that got it right in this case.

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