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Originally Posted by Neo Shadow King View Post
I have a few myself, though ironically share a couple of choices in Funimationís side of things.


D-Boy: Matthew Mercer
Kisaragi Aki: Wendee Lee
Noal Vereuse: Grant George
Heinrich Von Freeman: Christopher Corey Smith
Milly Le Rouge: Cindy Robinson
Levin: Steve Blum
Honda: Michael McConohie
Balzak Asimov: Troy Baker
Aiba Miyuki: Bridget Hoffman
Aiba Shinya: Cam Clarke/David Vincent
Omega: Patrick Seitz
Dagger: Kyle Hebert
Axe: Paul St Peter
Lance: Doug Erholtz
Rapier: Megan Hollingshead


D-Boy: Eric Vale
Kisaragi Aki: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Noal: Jerry Jewell
Heinrich Von Freeman: Robert McCollum
Milly Le Rouge: Luci Christian
Levin: John Burgemier
Honda: Mike McFarland
Balzak Asimov: Christopher Sabat
Aiba Miyuki: Monica Rial
Aiba Shinya: Jason Liberecht
Omega: Kent Williams
Dagger: Sonny Strait
Axe: Jason Douglas
Lance: David Wald
Rapier: Elizabeth Maxwell


D-Boy: Alex Zahara
Kisaragi Aki: Janyse Jaud
Noal Verneuse: Richard Ian Cox
Heinrich Von Freeman: Michael Daingerfield
Milly Le Rouge: Kelly Sheridan
Levin: Kirby Morrow
Honda: Michael Dobson
Balzak Asimov: Michael Adamwhite
Aiba Miyuki: Chantal Strand
Aiba Shinya: Brian Drummond
Omega: Paul Dobson
Dagger: Brent Miller
Axe: Jason Simpson
Lance: Scott McNeil
Rapier: Advah Soudak
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Miyuki and Rapier the same character? I think you may be confusing Rapier with Sword. And yes, I know I'm very late this, but it just jumped out at me. Like your choices, though.
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