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Thanks for adding everything, and I see you've added the second OVA series. Nice. Sadly I don't have the Pretend Productions dub for that one (Streamline didn't dub this one; Orion commissioned Pretend to dub the rest of 3x3 Eyes after they took over Streamline's catalog). The last episode was actually never even released in North America. Thankfully it made it out to Australia at the very least (and offhand maybe the the UK as well).

The entry for these episodes here is reliable. Somebody actually uploaded these episodes onto YouTube some years ago. On the CrystalAcids backend we could edit roles to specify whether the actor was credited with role, credited without role, uncredited, and miscellaneous things of that sort. Everything before the site was updated circa '05 didn't have source information like this (including 3x3 Eyes II), so I liked to edit old entries if I could find the credits.

To that end, I distinctly remember editing all the roles on the CrystalAcids 3x3 Eyes II page. This is going back a few years, but I'm almost 100% sure every single character on that page saw the actor credited with their role. If not, it was only one or two parts, but the credits on that release were fairly comprehensive--at least in terms of named parts.

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