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Default Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts

Inspired by the 1982 classic comic The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, I came up with a cast for an ‘if only’ crossover special in the world of the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, airing a year before the Trouble in Tokyo movie.

+While the main Titans would be voiced by their respective actors, they’d be joined by Michael Rosenbaum’s returning Kid Flash and Rachael MacFarlane as the Donna Troy Wonder Girl, to complete the full Wolfman/Perez Titans lineup.

+Robert Picardo as Metron

+The X-Men
-Prof. X—Cam Clarke
-Cyclops—Josh Keaton
-Storm—Sheryl Lee Ralph
-Wolverine—John DiMaggio
-Nightcrawler—Dee Baker
-Colossus—Tom Welling
-Kitty Pryde—Lacey Chabert

-Ron Perlman as Slade (of course)
-Leonard Nimoy as Darkseid
-Juliet Landau as Dark Phoenix
-Brad Garrett as Ravok the Ravager
-Dee Baker as the Parademons (using their 1984 Super Powers Collection design)

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