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Default Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts

Originally Posted by Lion's Edge View Post
Faves in bold! I feel Catherine Taber and Erica Mendez would work better if they were flipped around; I could see Erica's deeper voice pulling MJ off a little better than Gwen. However, I especially LOVE Erin Yvette as MJ; that's an idea I've never even seen before, but looking at her Snow White, it'd be absolutely perfect!
Thanks for the feedback. I'll admit, I'm somewhat of a newcomer to anime (The Seven Deadly Sins and Naruto are the only series I've binge-watched from start to finish and I've seen various Studio Ghibli films) so I don't really have a great knowledge of Erica's voice range outside of Diane. And I'm glad you really like my idea of Erin Yvette as MJ. In fact; if Telltale ever makes a Spider-Man game, I think it would be cool if she voiced her there.

Originally Posted by HyperVoiceActing View Post
Favorites in bold

Between the two of them, who do you think Ashly Burch could be a good choice for?
I think it really depends on what voice she used. If she used a softer and sweeter voice, it would work for Gwen; if she used a deeper and spunky voice, it would work for MJ.
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