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Default Re: 10 Best Voice Directors of All Time

I don't really know that many voice directors(something I should pay more attention to since they assemble the actors), but from your list I know Wally Burr and Susan Blu. I've read how Wally was quite the taskmaster and not always the easiest guy to get along with while working, but he got some great performances on Transformers and GI Joe. I think that both shows had amazing casts. The original Transformers series had great voices and performances. I think that pretty much everybody was perfectly cast. And the addition of the celebs in the movie worked out great, too. And it could have gone badly.

Wait, duh, I know Andrea Romano since she does most of the DC Comics stuff. Batman had a fantastic cast. She gave us Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill who are so renowned for their roles. I've heard that Kevin actually wanted a different role, but Andrea told him: "It's called Batman, you'd be in every episode." She's done some interesting choices with seasoned pros and celebs who haven't done voice acting and usually makes it work. I haven't seen a lot of the DC animated films, though I read that most of the new ones aren't that great. I'm not putting the blame on her, she doesn't write the projects. There only so much you can do with acting if the overall story is bad.
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