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Default Re: Why some people STILL treat dubbing in general as a bad thing?

Originally Posted by Nightmare Crusher View Post
I never said it was a good reason. In fact, I think it's a terrible reason to dislike something. Everything you said is correct, but I think a lot of people don't realize that.
I know you never said that and I'm sorry if you thought I was putting words in your mouth. I was saying that IMHO I saw it as a poor excuse but yeah, that is is indeed a terrible reason to dislike something. It sad that people dislike something that's a part of whats helping the industry. Better yet if want to, instead of have hate towards dubs, if they're in to VAing, they can contribute into helping dubs get better by becoming an actor or scrip writer or that sort of thing. Only if they want to do it. Hell, some Dub VAs were formal dub haters on some panels I saw with them acknowledging how they were and look at them now.
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