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Default Re: Why some people STILL treat dubbing in general as a bad thing?

Originally Posted by Nightmare Crusher View Post
Part of it, I think, is that people got a bad impression based on some of the really bad dubs from the early days and became closed off to them since.
Another thing I've noticed is that a lot I f 0eople who hate on dubs, especially anime, don't actually understand the original language and so they are unable to pick up any flaws and assume that it's always better. That's just my perspective though.
While I understand that, that still not a good reason for the sub fans to act so up tight and bitter towards dub or the people who support it just because it's not the original. Plus last time I check, anime in sub while close to it, it isn't completely in it its original format. Overall I'm just saying that watching anime both dub or sub both are still alterations of the anime or foreign media in general in it's original form. However if they want to, the fans can learn the language respectfully and watch anime or any other foreign media raw without being hateful towards the opposite side.
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