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Default Re: Why some people STILL treat dubbing in general as a bad thing?

Originally Posted by GothamRed View Post
Well it's a similar mentality to "things were better back in my day." People like to believe that the version of something they like is the "definitive" version of the thing as disregard all other versions as worse, even if they haven't fully experienced them. Here are some non-dub related examples of what I mean: you know how there are still people who are extremely volatile towards the 2003 and 2012 Ninja Turtles series for the sole reason that they aren't the '87 series (in some cases having never even seen the former 2), or how some Batman fans were unwilling to even watch BTBATB because it wasn't the tone they wanted. There will always be people with the close-minded mentality of "I like this version of a thing, so everyone else should!"

And there's also things like Anglophiles, who believe that everything from England is inherently better than anything anywhere else in extreme cases, And the extreme of the example here, Japanophiles who feel that way about Japanese culture. There's obviously nothing wrong with having an appreciation of a culture outside your own, but many people let the culture dictate whether or not they like something, not the thing itself.

Both of these ideas I've mentioned ("My version is better" and "Location over product") are both factors in this idea that dubs are always bad. There's also the things mentioned above, like the lack-luster dubs of the 80s and 90s, and some people being jaded by some of 4kids practices, that cause people to just hate even the word "dub". This causes can cause them to either completely disregard dubs and just assume they're bad (which is dumb, but since they have nothing to back it up it's easily brushed off) or even worse in my opinion, watch maybe the first episode or so dubbed and go out of their way to find flaws with it (real or perceived) that they then use against the dub as a whole (My least favorite of which being "they sound different" and the various iterations of that. Of course they sound different from the sub THEY'RE SPEAKING ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!).

In the end there are a number of reasons why people just inherently hate the idea of dubbing something. It's not something that I foresee ever going away, so it's best to just ignore the hype from either side and just form your own opinions of what you watch.
I agree especially on the speaking another language comment because those are one of the reason on why I tend to not compare the dub or sub on any anime and most panels i come across on YouTube the anime dub VAs will tell you they most of them time there being told what to do by the directors in the recording process it's not entirely their fault . It's sad that people don't take their time to see how dubbing works instead of being hostile towards it , it's not an easy job and people need to take that into consideration.
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