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Default Re: Why some people STILL treat dubbing in general as a bad thing?

Some old thoughts on the matter

Original comment

I'm sick of people saying the original Funimation Dub is just about nostalgia as they say for all other shows. It's the most accurate(especially with Kai) and the voice acting and characterization is great. It's not their fault the got corny lines but they delivered them well regardless. I'm sick of Japanese fans going on Funimation and Falconer music videos and trolling saying that it sucks or the music is terrible you don't like it don't harass the people who do state your point elsewhere.

Reply to a comment regarding sounding more like seiyu's

They are pushing it. English VA's should go for their own thing. Impersonating a seiyu is really hard to do. Copying their performance(or doing something inspired by it) is easier but I still think they should go for whatever voice they choose or think fits. The English version is the English version and the Japanese version is the Japanese version.

That being said I think the main reason is, well at least some comments say this, that they prefer the original Japanese source, and it ,mmay be some dumbs ruined it. 4kids is a good example with it's censoring, and FUNimation with it's original DBZ though I enjoyed the latter. Also some older dubs like Digimon got some hate just cause people hated the English voices, I don't recall exaxtly but there was some seiyu comparisons in there. I liked though, especially the villain voices. Just a few reasons and thoughts on the matter.
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