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Default Why some people STILL treat dubbing in general as a bad thing?

please don't kill me for asking,

We all know the dubbing has it flaws but as years went on dubbing as improve didn't it? I mean as of now and it's still improving. But yet some folks still treat it as a taboo thing. Even it if itís not an English dub, it can be a Tagalog, Spanish, French, Italian dub and still get put down rather itís in anime, western cartoons, or in video games. I sometimes still see folks questioning about why it exist even if the dubbing is in their native language. Yes I know no matter how well or bad a dub is there will be people who will oppose it. The one that get to me the most and still do is them knowing that they can views all of these in its original form yet they still complain. Why? Maybe superiority complex or insecurity problem as a fan???? Sometimes I just wish that dubbing was a bit more respected as much as the original. While the original VA will always better most of the time, they can also have flaws as well can they? I mean we all are people right and we sometimes make mistakes so why some canít see theirs just because they are original? I donít know I guess Iím only seeing one side to this and not seeing the other. I donít know why people like me (dub fans/supporter) always get the short end of the stick in terms of opinions or choices when liking the opposite side or even both(Original & Dub).

Overall tell me what do you think? I just feel like people are quick to jump on the dubbing and see it only as bad thing due to its bad rep which I can understand however, some NOT all folks NEVER see the flaws on the other side of the coin. Also itís alright if donít like dubs or do like them. Respect is just needed without belittling the opposing side.

One more question Beside English dubs, name a dub in another language in your opinion that surpasses the original or just as great as the original and why.

P.S. Please no flame wars. let's talk not argue
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