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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by Skullgrin140 View Post
If the Canadian dollar has some how managed to star improving then I'm sure somehow after the Ocean dub of DBZ Kai then Vancouver will get back into the dubbing scene of Anime again. Somehow that way they can have more money to produce better top quality dubs again.
For the DBZ Kai Ocean dub to succeed, it has to air on a Canadian channel. The only channel that ever aired DBZ was YTV, though if their going to succeed by airing it unedited and uncut like what US Toonami is doing with Funimation's dub, then that channel won't be the choice due to the absence of the Bionix block since 2010. Maybe CN Canada could launch a Toonami block to air DBZ Kai Ocean dub unedited and uncut, given that they have Adult Swim Canada.
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