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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by Skullgrin140 View Post
Somehow in all this I'm sure with DBZ Kai's Ocean dub they might be making something of a comeback, however when you look at how they have been doing recently things are looking kind of slim for them what with the whole Currency issue they have had.
The currency issue is starting to improve; just look at the chart and compare its current state to the pre-recession years and you'll notice how things are starting to look for the better.

Originally Posted by Skullgrin140 View Post
This is weird since back a couple of years ago Ocean were on top of the world in the dubbing of Anime, now it's Funimation who is taking their share which is a shame.
Actually, it's ADV that supplanted Ocean in terms of having the Lion's share of dubbing since the early to mid 2000s (and later Funimation would supplant ADV following that company's closure by 2009), and LA came to take most of the scraps ever since the advent of Bang Zoom! Entertainment (at that time, Animaze was the premiere LA dubbing studio for anime, but it was too expensive compared to having it done in by Ocean in Vancouver. Once Bang Zoom! debuted its first dub with Rurouni Kenshin in 2000, many anime companies began to go to that company since it was substantially cheaper to have dubs done there than at Animaze).

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