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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by Pokejedservo View Post
So the Currency Exchange rage between American and Canadian curency is starting to get a bit more equal huh? Interesting... Who knows maybe Canadian Voice Talent might have a chance in making a comeback sometime this decade.
It depends on whether Aniplex and Viz would reconsider having their dubs outsourced to LA unions (given the expensiveness and difficulty of having a dub union-contracted nowadays since the recession) and have their dubs done at Ocean as an alternative, given that it would be cheaper and has less hassles to deal with than LA unions though more expensive than LA non-union (it probably most likely work for shows that would get the Toonami treatment or virtually any dub that would be directed by either Kristi Reed or Alex Von David due to their casting patterns paralleling what you would see in a union dub).

Originally Posted by Pokejedservo View Post
Though I am not sure if the Persona franchise might want to use Canadian VA talent but King of Fighters is a slight possibility (after all there is at least some history there what with Viz's dubs of the Fatal Fury Anime back in the 90s.)
Well, the Persona series has always been dubbed by PCB Productions, but with Atlus starting anew since April, I always thought they could introduce some variety into the series' cast by having Ocean dub Persona 5. Also, if Atlus is going to dub Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, it's probably best that they use the Devil Survivor 2: The Animation cast (which is Houston-based) for consistency's sake (it's not impossible for any dub other than from Sentai to be done at Seraphim Digital since Warner Bros and Sony have used the studio before, and during the ADV days, some J-games were dubbed over there, such as Unlimited Saga).

For King of Fighters and, by extent, the SNK fighting games, whilst its possible to reprise the Fatal Fury characters from the anime dub casts since a good portion of them are still active to this day (such as Matt Hill, Janyse Jaud, Paul Dobson, Mark Hildreth and Lisa Ann Beley), several of them need to be recast due to their English VAs either being no longer active in the voiceover business or dead (such as Terry Bogard since his Vancouver English VA, Peter Wilds is now an interior designer). Personally, I could see Brad Swaile voice Kyo Kusanagi (and his clones) if KOF gets dubbed in Vancouver.

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