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Default Re: Mario Sports Superstars

I will take time to put this on since i have already made this topic , so it doesnt need a new one.

This game is not out yet for the public , but review copies have been given to youtubers for gameplay showcase.

In regards of voice acting , it should be noted that Rosalina is voiced by Laura Faye Smith , in 4 of the 5 sports which are

Horse Racing

However , Nintendo/Camelot kept Rosalina's former voice actress Kerri Kane as the voice for Rosalina during Golf appearence , because its recycled from Mario Golf World Tour.

On a similar note , it should also be noted that for Tennis , the voices of the characters are recycled from Mario Tennis Open (this applies for the characters that return from that game)

Contrary to the information given in the credits of Mario Tennis Open , many if not all of the samples used in Open are recycled from Mario Power Tennis.

Many characters changed voice actors by the time Open was released , however , they kept the old voices from Power tennis , such as Jen Taylor as Peach instead of Sam Kelly.

This is not spotted by many because i assume they would trust the in-game credits which actually credit the new voice actors in that game , but the voices are actually the old ones.

Anyway , i wanted to point this out , in case the credits for this game , if theres any , show the information wrongly or incomplete.

In the case of Rosalina i think its more noticeable than for other characters though.

Here are some videos to support the information im giving.

On this video , Rosalina is in Horse Racing and is voiced by Laura F. Smith

On this one , she is Golfing and is voiced by Kerri Kane instead.

Now this is a video from Mario Golf World Tour , proving Rosalina kept her old voice actor in the present game only for the Golf Sport.

Finally this is a video of a Tennis match in Sport Superstars that has veteran characters that were playable in both Mario Tennis Open and Mario Power Tennis.

And this is a Mario Power Tennis video.

You can tell Peach voice is the same , which is Jen Taylor.

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