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Default Re: "Sonic the Hedgehog: Can't Outrun This Pain" (Feb 2020)

I love how Forces being a complete bomb scared Sonic Team away from making big Sonic games except to throw him in more racing and olympic games, reserving him for "anniversary games" and letting the Twitter make lolsowacky self aware ironic garbage tweets that do nothing but belittle Sonic's legacy.

Why do I say this? Well it's because this movie, be it bad/mediocre/good, is arguably the most mainstream Sonic's experienced in a long time. And it might be cynical Bry again, but it's just more proof that anyone but Sonic Team knows exactly how to market Sonic, as well as a clear vision of what they want Sonic to look like, rather than a muddled mess of gameplay, tone, and writing. See: Sonic Mania.

Oh right, the movie trailers. It's okay. Good for a kids flick. Will probably watch itil legally when it's on DVD.
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