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I want to start off by saying that I am not good at knowing which VA comes from where (Californa, New York, ect.).
Also I am a fan of the younger take on Marvel characters.

-Main Cast
Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Jason Spisak
Gwen Stacy: Allison Mack
Mary Jane: Danielle Judovits
Harry Osborne: Josh Keaton
Norman Osborne: Mark Hamil
Abby Jones/Firestar: Laura Bailey
Bobby Drake/Iceman: James Arnold Taylor
Aunt May: Ellen McLain
Uncle Ben: Stan Lee (Why has this casting not happen?)

Johnny Ohn/The Spot: Dee Bradley Baker
The Shocker: Yuri Lorthwell (like I said, younger version)
Scorcher: Khary Payton
Doctor Conners/THe Lizard: Charlie Adler
Doc Oct: Clancy Brown (I like the mastermind and bulky take on the character)
Eddie Brock/ Venom: Vic Mign. (I always thought his Broly voice could work for Venom while his normal voice works for Eddie)
Mysterio: Tim Curry (like the Spect. Spiderman version, an over the top actor but could still go sinister)
Electro: Johnny Young Bosch with some vocal effects (I liked the Shattered Dimmention version of Eletrco and I thought Johnny would be good at a take on that)

-Special Guests
Johnny Storm/Human Torch: David Kaufman
Susan Storm/Invisbile Woman: Kate Higgins
Ben Grimm/The Thing: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic: Steve Staley
Luke Cage: Dwane "The Rock" Johnson
Iron Fist: Dante Basco
-Main Cast
Black Cat: Gina Gershon (Catwoman from The Batman)
J. Jonah Jamason: R Lee Erney
Flash Thompson: Will Friedle
Robbie Robertson: Keith David
Betty Brant: Tara Strong
Hydro-Man: Christopher Sabat
Scorpion: Liam O'Brien
Green Goblin: Mark Hamil
Chameleon: Jim Cummings
Beatle: Scoot McNeil
Scarecrow: Steven Blum
Carnage: Brent Spiner with a gargle effect (I didnt like his Joker but I think he'd work for Carnage)

-Special Guests
Hawkeye: Frank Frankson
Captain America: Alec Baldwin
Ironman: Will Friedle ( Going I:AA route)

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