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Originally Posted by Jacobrl1999 View Post
I came up with these a while back. Alright if I post them here?

The Flintstones
Fred Flintstone - Maurice LaMarche
Barney Rubble - Michael Ruocco
Wilma Flintstone - April Winchell
Betty Rubble - Lauri Fraser
Pebbles Flintstone - Tara Strong
Bamm-Bamm Rubble - Bob Bergen
Dino - Dee Bradley Baker
Mr. Slate - Corey Burton

The Jetsons
George Jetson - Wally Wingert
Jane Jetson - Kari Wahlgren
Judy Jetson - Kath Soucie
Elroy Jetson - Billy West
Astro - James Arnold Taylor
Rosie the Robot - April Winchell
Cosmo Spacely - Eric Bauza
Didn't Maurice and Wally already voice Fred and George on Harvey Birdman? And I recall Billy voiced Elroy on a radio thing from the 1980s.
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