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My favorite casting choices there are Jeff Bergman as Yogi, Huck, Peter, Top Cat and Squiddly, Eric as Boo-Boo, So-So and Pixie, Stephen as Snagglepuss, Billy as Quick-Draw, Dixie and Mr. Jinks, Trevor as Augie, Jim as Benny, John as Doggie Daddy and Magilla, Sam as Yakky Doodle, Jeff Bennett as Touche, and Kevin as Captain Caveman.

I suppose I should probably add some casting choices for Hanna-Barbera characters that haven't been confirmed for Jellystone! yet but may very well show up. Thus...

- Ranger Smith - Jeff Bergman or Eric Bauza
- Baba Looey - Eric Bauza
- Wally Gator - Corey Burton
- Ricochet Rabbit - Eric Bauza
- Droop-a-Long Coyote - Jeff Bergman or Eric Bauza
- Lippy the Lion - Jeff Bergman
- Hardy Harr Harr - Jeff Bergman or Eric Bauza
- Maw Rugg - Tress MacNeille
- Floral Rugg - Kath Souice
- Shag Rugg - Scott Innes
- Atom Ant - Eric Bauza or Carlos Alazraqui
- Hokey Wolf - Jeff Bergman
- Ding-a-Ling Wolf - Billy West

Yeah, it should be pretty clear that I'm really hoping Jeff, Eric, and Billy all get to voice a character or two.
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