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Originally Posted by Skyrish19 View Post
Here's my dream cast for one of my childhood films

Non-Union LA (Anime) Cast:

Lucien Dodge as Mike Wazowski

Jamieson Price as James P. Sullivan

Sandy Fox as Boo

Max Mittelman as Randall Boggs

Ray Chase as the Sushi Chef

Dan Worren as Mr. Waternoose

Brianna Knickerbocker as Celia

Chris Hackney as Roz

Brad Venable as the Abominable Snow Man

Ben Diskin as Fungus

Joe Zieja as Pete Ward

Patrick Seitz as Needleman

Kyle Hebert as Smitty

Richard Epcar as Charlie

Veronica Taylor as Flint

Billy Kametz as Bile and Tony

David Lodge as George Sanderson

Bryce Papenbrook as Swamp Boy

Julie Ann Taylor as Swamp Mama

Greg Chun, Dave B. Mitchell, Todd Haberkorn, Robbie Daymond, Christopher Corey Smith and Kaiji Tang as CDA members
A mighty fine cast indeed.
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