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Default Re: Psikyo Shooting Games Dream Casts

Now here's the cast for Strikers 1945 (the first one)

(Strikers 1945)

Cindy Volton (P-38 Lightning) - Amanda C. Miller (Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon)
Tina Prize (P-51 Mustang) - Christine Marie Cabanos (Minori Kushieda, Toradora)
Alice Herring (Spitfire) - Brianna Knickerbocker (Rem, re:Zero)
Lean Beirer (Bf 109) - Sarah Williams (Uni, Neptunia)
Ai Mikami (Zero) - Erica Mendez (Megumin, Konosuba)
Ayin (called Ainzaemon in-game) (Shinden) - Patrick Seitz

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