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Default Psikyo Shooting Games Dream Casts

Whether its Sengoku Ace, Gunbird, Strikers 1945 or more here is a little something for Psikyo's shooting games...

(Samurai Aces/Sengoku Ace/Tengai)

Jane/Kunoichi - Erica Lindbeck
Ayin - Patrick Seitz
Tengai - Xander Mobus (2nd Fleet Master, Monster Hunter World)
Kenoumaru - Max Mittelman (Resasuke, Aggretsuko)
Gennai - David Lodge
Koyori - Kira Buckland
Shoumaru - Billy Kametz
Junis - Erika Harlacher
Hagane / Katana - Laura Post

I will do Gunbird and Strikers 1945 (the first one only) later but I will at least start things off with that...

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