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Default Atelier Lulua: The English Dream Cast

Now here's the english dream cast for Fourth Arland Atelier game that sadly never had a English Dub: Atelier Lulua - The Scion of Arland. I know the reason for why three recent Atelier games had no dubs is because the localization was done by Keystone, not Acttill (to be fair Atelier Firis is the last game ever localized by Acttill and dubbed over by Bang! Zoom), and Keystone did not have any budget to get Bang! Zoom on the call unlike Acttill which they can.

Elmerulia Frixell - Jeannie Tirado
Eva Armster - Abby Trott (K-Sha, Neptunia)
Piana - Jackie Lastra (Ricotta, Ys VIII)
Christoph Orel Arland - Billy Kametz (Naofumi Iwatani, Rising of the Shield Hero)
Nicodemus David Dieter - Jalen K. Cassell (Vanilla Ice, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Ficus Finis - Joe Zieja (Full Band, Ace Combat 7)
Sterkenburg Cranach - Kyle Hebert (Liam O'Brien is a SAG-AFTRA Actor and he cannot reprise his role as the Arland Trilogy are not union) (Rig, Dead or Alive 6)
Rorolina Frixell - Julie Maddelena (Returning)
Totooria Helmold - Cassandra Morris (Returning)
Merurulince Rede Arls - Xanthe Huynh (Returning)
Lionela Heinze - Alexis Tipton (Ditto with Kyle Hebert)
Maana - Ryan Bartley
Stia - Katelyn Gault (Mirellia Q. Melromarc, Rising of the Shield Hero)
Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang - Amber Connor (Ditto with Kyle and Alexis)
Refle von Beilschmidt - Cherami Leigh (Plutia, Neptunia)
Lisa von Beilschmidt - Erica Mendez (Eryn, Fairy Fencer F)
Jeltje Jeremies - Amanda C. Miller (MAGES, Neptunia)
Cole Dueller - Khoi Dao
Wild Klinsmann - Xander Mobus

What you think of my dream cast? Feedback is welcome.

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