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Default Re: Sonic the Hedgehog

Johnny Yong Bosch would in all honesty be a great fit for Shadow.

David Humphrey's Shadow sounds a lot like JYB's voice but in deeper, more quieter and breathier tone.

I know he and Yuri are too recognizable but honestly and even though Kirk Thornton is a fantastic VA, had I been the casting director, i'd more likely would have went with JYB as I usually prefer JYB's when he plays villains or anti-heroes over most his hero roles.

I do agree with you, it's one of the reasons I like Roger Craig Smith as Sonic, you wouldn't immediately imagine him in the role and the voice itself fits Sonic well. Though I disagree that he doesn't use this too often, in fact it's one of his more commonly used voices, he uses it whenever he does The Human Torch in whatever Marvel Productions he's in.
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