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Post Re: Kingdom Hearts + Disney General Dream Casts

I'd say Kevin Michael Richardson could possibly pull Goofy off, given his range. Not sure about Tom Kenny, though.

As for Jason Alexander as Mr. Potato Head, again, I'm not exactly sure.

Anyways, here's another pair of casts I came up with...

Monsters, Inc.
Sulley - Fred Tatasciore
Mike Wazowski - David Herman
Randall Boggs - Scott Grimes
Mr. Waternoose - Kevin Michael Richardson
Celia - Melanie Harrison
Roz - Brian Hull
Abominable Snowman - Brian Cummings
Fungus - Jeff Bergman

Cinderella - Jennifer Hale
Lady Tremaine - Susanne Blakeslee
Anastasia - Lauri Fraser
Drizella - Kath Soucie
Fairy Godmother - Barbara Dirickson
Jaq - Charlie Adler
Gus - Bill Fagerbakke
Lucifer - Dee Bradley Baker
King - Jeff Bennett
Grand Duke - Neil Ross
Prince Charming - Yuri Lowenthal

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