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Here is the fourth and final part of my dream cast for "Total Drama" (German dub; 2008-2016). Here is: (zooms in) "The Ridonculous Race"! (ding)

The seventh and final season of "Total Drama" known as "The Ridonculous Race" would have premiered in Germany in January 2016. After the first 13 episodes, the season would go on hiatus until April 2016 where the second half of the season would air. The German dub would have ended on April 27, 2016 (on par with Poland and the Netherlands).

Don: Karlo Hackenberger (Trent from TDI)
Leonard: Dirk Petrick (Mike from TDROTI)
Tammy: Peter Lontzek
Gerry: Claus-Peter Damitz
Pete: Tim Knauer
Ellody: Sabine Bohlmann (Lindsay in TDI)
Mary: Alisa Palmer (Eva in TDI, Blaineley in TDWT, and Leshawna since TDA)
Laurie: Luisa Wietzorek (The Sisters in TDPI)
Miles: Anna Ewelina
Jen: Maria Hönig (Katie in TDI and Sierra in TDWT)
Tom: Jesco Wirthgen
Kelly: Bettina Weiß
Taylor: Nora Huetz (Gwen in TDI, Jo in TDROTI, and Sky in TDPI)
Jay/Mickey: Tim Schwarzmaier
Chet: Manuel Straube (Cody in TDI)
Lorenzo: Marius Clarén (Ezekiel and Owen in TDI)
Rock: Julius Jellinek
Spud: Nick Forsberg
Dwayne Junior: Sandra Schwittau
Dwayne Senior: Markus Pfeiffer
Noah: Dominick Auer
Owen: Marius Clarén (also Lorenzo)
Crimson: Laura Maire
Ennui: Matti Klemm
Ryan: Wanja Gerick (DJ in TDI)
Stephanie: Solveig Duda
Carrie: Jill Boettcher (Zoey in TDROTI)
Devin: Ozan Ünal (also Geoff)
Emma: Katharina Iacobescu
Kitty: Sabine Bohlmann (also Ellody)
Jacques: Frank Schaff
Josee: Dorette Hugo (Beth and Bridgette in TDI)
Brody: Armin Schlagwein
Geoff: Ozan Ünal (also Devin)
MacArthur: Elisabeth Günther
Sanders: Stefanie von Lerchenfeld (Jasmine in TDPI)

This is it for the German dream cast for "Total Drama" in the hypothetical universe that the show premiered on Cartoon Network Germany in September 2008.

Germany Loved You, Total Drama!
September 4, 2008-April 27, 2016
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