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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (Spring 2012):
Staci, Dakota, Sam, and Jo's voice actors are returning. Here is some new blood from the seaosn 4 contestants:
B: (Goes voiceless. He doesn't scream when he is eliminated.)
Dawn: Esra Vural
Brick: Julien Haggege (also Brody in "The Ridonculous Race")
Anne Maria: Maresa Sedlmeir
Mike: Dirk Petrick (also Leonard and Max in "Pahkitew Island")
Scott: Michael Wiesner (also Dave in "Pahkitew Island")
Zoey: Jill Boettcher (also Carrie in "The Ridonculous Race")
Cameron: Christian Zeiger
Lightning: Leonhard Mahlich
Part 3: Pahkitew Island (Summer 2014-Fall 2014), aka Chris McLean's last season
Leonard, Rodney, Dave, Max, and Sky have returning voiceovers. Here are some newcomers;
Beardo: (sound effects)
Amy/Sammy: Luisa Wietzorek (returns to "The Ridonculous Race" as Laurie)
Ella: Jennifer Weiß
Topher/Shawn: Julius Jellinek
Scarlett: Merete Brettschneider
Jasmine: Stefanie von Lerchenfeld (returns to "The Ridonculous Race" as Sanders)
Sugar: Sabine Arnhold

Stay Tuned for the final part: The Ridonculous Race.

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